I graduated from Regent's University with a Diploma in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Counselling in 1998 and have been practicing for the past 23 years.

Certificate in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Counselling-1996. Regent's University.

I am an MBACP Accredited Counsellor and UK Registered Practitioner and I adhere to the BACP code of ethics.

I have a Diploma in clinical supervision {CPPD 2010} and supervise the work of both qualified and trainee therapists.

I ensure ongoing professional development by undertaking courses and workshops and having clinical supervision on a regular basis.

Being Psychodynamically trained means that as part of the work, I would explore with you how your experiences in childhood may have had an impact on you as an adult. This could be having a negative effect on your life by possibly keeping you stuck in certain patterns of behaviour. However, I might also incorporate some other ways of working into the therapy if I feel it could be of benefit to you as a client e.g. I might perhaps use some cognitive tools in order to alleviate anxiety and panic attacks. I see clients for both short and long-term work.