• What is Counselling?

    Counselling is fundamentally a safe space in which you can begin to explore feelings and issues which are affecting and possibly holding you back in your life. As a therapist, I am not going to judge you or give you direct advice but I may make suggestions or help you look at things from a different perspective. I will also be able to help you work through your issues until you are able to come to your own conclusions and perhaps enable you to make decisions that could improve your life. We would also explore how your childhood has impacted on your adult life and focus on any patterns that may continue to be repeated but are not helpful.

  • What Conditions Can it Help?

    Counselling can help with issues such as: depression,stress, anxiety, relationship difficulties, abuse, addictions, bereavement,past issues.

  • What Benefits can be Expected?

    There are no miracle cures but in my experience, many people have been helped considerably by having either short or longer term counselling depending on their needs. I think that it is important to note that counselling is a process and it can take time before any positive results can be felt.